Backflow prevention devices prevents dirty water from contaminating your home's clean water supply

Cities 1 Plumbing Is a Leader in Backflow Prevention in the Twin Cities

At Cities 1 Plumbing, Heating & Air Conditioning, we’re not kidding when we say our expertise covers all things plumbing. We handle all the stuff you know about—such as installing or repairing fixtures and pipes—but we also take care of the things you may not know about, including backflow prevention.

What Is Backflow Prevention?

Water should only ever enter your home through the main supply. If pressure inside the pipes changes, that water can flow backwards and contaminate the supply line. That’s where backflow prevention comes in. It protects water sources—such as the Twin Cities’ water supply—from contamination or pollution due to residential (and commercial) backflow. Every home has contaminants within the domestic water piping. Without backflow prevention, there’s a good chance those pollutants could work their way back to the city’s water supply.

Is Backflow Prevention Necessary?

For homes with large boilers or irrigation systems, backflow prevention devices (also known as RPZs) are an absolute necessity, as pressure changes can push the dirty water back into the clean supply. For homes with furnaces or alternative heating solutions, RPZs usually serve as a secondary safety measure. This is because Minnesota code deems the water pressure leading into homes high enough to counteract any possible backflow.

What About Prevention in Commercial Buildings?

Backflow prevention in commercial applications is required due to the large scale of mechanical equipment involved in the plumbing systems. RPZs serve as additional safety measures to ensure the protection of the city’s water source from any possible contaminants.

Minnesota code states that commercial water must be tested for backflow every year to ensure the RPZ operates as designed. Prevention systems must also be rebuilt every five years. The same is true for residential buildings with more than three individual families living there.

Need Backflow Prevention Help? Lean on Cities 1 for Expert Service

Whether you need to make sure your backflow devices are in good working order or you need one installed in your home or commercial building, don’t hesitate to reach out to our licensed plumbers. We’re always happy to lend a hand—call us at 651-274-6547 or contact us online.

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